2019 Keith Thorn

Dear Mr Khinloke

As promised here is the review of your services which you may edit if you so wish and can put on your website or wherever you feel suitable

“” I tried several websites and failed CMFAS Mod 2A twice but then had the good fortune to find Khinloke.com. In my view it is extremely useful and definitely helped me succeed in passing Mod 2A the next time and then Mod 6A on my first attempt , something I never thought possible. Mr Khinloke was always available and very helpful in responding promptly to any questions I raised. I would recommend him to anyone studying for these exams. “” William

I also took both papers too actually, i’d done the questions with William so I thought it might be useful to have in my records if I ever went back into the market.

If it helps you these are some of the more difficult questions I remember which you haven’t got in your papers or on your website…

*Note: CMFAS.sg has replaced Khinloke.com as the online platform for accessing our mock papers since 2018. Both websites are owned by Khinloke Education Pte Ltd.



2018 Royce Tang

Khin Loke is THE BEST person to approach to clear any IBF / SCI exams. His approach to the subject was very thorough, citing many examples which were very relatable and relevant.

The training Khin Loke provided, not only helped me to pass the papers on my first attempt, but also allowed me to get a solid grasp of finance. After the lessons with Khin Loke, going through the official study material was way easier, and I had no problems understanding the content, and passing the exams.

I highly recommend reaching out to Khin Loke and attending his traning!

The mock papers helped so much in the preparation process for my (M6 and M6A exams). All the questions were structured to help students understand the core concepts, and provided a quick reference to where the information is located in the study guide.

Case studies, (which were part of the question set) were one of the most helpful part of the learning process. Each case study ties up the knowledge required to pass the exams.
Lastly, the online tool was a big help as it allowed me to practice the questions on the go. The online mock tests gave me a benchmark on the concepts and materials I had to focus to pass the papers.
I would definitely recommend anyone who is attempting the exams to do these set of papers as well as getting training with Khin Loke. With the help of Khin Loke, and by doing the questions repeatedly I was able to pass the paper on my first attempt.



2018 Charlene Tan – BGC Radix Energy, a division of BGC Partners (Singapore) Limited

I underwent training with Khin Loke for exams 6A and 2A and took every single bit of his advice, and it has paid off handsomely! I passed both exams immediately after attending his courses. The materials are up-to-date, concise, relevant and helpful. ALL of my solo study was from his materials! The focus of his classes are tailor-suited to passing the exams.

Even though I had to take the classes after work in the evenings (ending at 11pm plus on some evenings), the lessons were always interesting and engaging. Khin Loke is perceptive in pin-pointing the missing bits in your understanding. Often I would tell him what I thought the answers were, but they would be wrong, and he would know right away the bits of info I was lacking to complete my conceptual understanding. In addition to that, I have to say a big THANK YOU to Khin Loke for always responding so quickly to all my questions on Whataspp, some of which were during pretty late hours, or during dinner time, morning time… either way he responds with just the exact bit of info I need to understand the material fully.

Interesting anecdotes about history of the market are added in the lessons to make them not just about the material; and it is often because of those anecdotes that I am able to more easily recall the information in the class because it crafts a story of how the facts came to be. Not to mention, a good dose of humour as well to make the info really stick!!

I cannot imagine being able to come remotely close to having passed my exams/passing them well without his tutelage. (I scored in 80-100 band for 6A!) Highly recommend him as the results speak for themselves.



2018 Daphne Moganadas – BGC Radix Energy, a division of BGC Partners (Singapore) Limited

Khin Loke老师的课和教材对我的帮助非常大。本人完全没有金融背景,但是老师的课不但讲解得非常详细还和容易理解。教材方面也很齐全。最主要是不用自渎,只需要上课时注意聆听和把习题做几遍肯定能及格。所以我非常推荐上老师的课!



2018 Sindu Panicker – KMAMS

I am very impressed by the similarities of the questions that appeared on my exam paper and those in the mock exam paper.

However, just a disclaimer, you really still do have to read up the study guide to pass the paper.



April 2018 Chia Chee Yong – BOS Hong Kong

The lessons and mock papers were very useful. I’m not an academic and would run away from studying at any opportunity but with Khinloke’s lessons and papers, the exam was a breeze. Not to be boastful but I finished both papers in half an hour and managed to pass both of them.

Thanks Khinloke… Very much appreciated.



Sep 2017 Karl Ngo – Western Union

“Khin Loke is a very experienced, dedicated and patient coach. Without him, I’ll never even dream of passing my M6A on 1st attempt. His detailed yet concise coaching streamlined my average studying time by more than 60%. He never ran out of examples to explain, and to be honest I acquired more knowledge than what I signed up for.

On the other hand, I regretted paying for other sites which claim moneyback guarantee, it’s all gimmick, DO NOT waste your money and time. Bottom line, engage Khin Loke. He is hands down the ONLY credible and qualified coach locally. In fact, saying he is qualified is an understatement. His coaching boosted my confidence on my 6A which resultedan one-time pass with result (80-100) and i believe I’ve scored at least 90%. Result and fact doesn’t lie. If i knew him earlier, I would have engaged him for all my papers! Thank you sir!“



Jul 2017 Jenny Lim – BOS

“Khin Loke’s lessons are focused and enable you to understand the logics and requirements of the IBF CACS paper 1 and 2 very quickly!

After going through his lesson, me and friends are able to pass both papers with ease the 1st time! His tutorial questions and mock exam questions can be completed via mobile and whilst we are on the go – very convenient!

Khin Loke also developed the lessons in a very fun and engaging manner so it makes taking the test fun! Highly recommended.”



Jul 2016 Charly Chai – INTL-FCStone

“Khin Loke made a valuable contribution to my learning and exam preparation (M6A). With no finance work experience, I was required to be tested on a few regulatory exams. My goal was to take the exam sooner rather than later. My company hired Khin Loke for tutoring session, which were completed in two weeks. I was pleased and happy to pass the exam on the first go.

Khin Loke is not only extensively knowledgeable and experienced, but he is also an exceptional instructor who is able to explain complicated concepts in a time-efficient and easy-to-digest manner. For these reasons, I give my sincere and strong endorsements for Khin Loke for anyone who needs exam-preparation and wants to learn financial instruments.”



Leng Sze Min Anterina – CBPWD

“Khin Loke is a very knowledgeable & dedicated trainer, he knows the syllabus very well & highlighted the points to look for exam question making it much easier to focus on important points when reading the notes.”



Florence Leow Hai Fuang

“Speaker is very exam orientated, going through sections which are relevant in the context of examination. He also shared his real life experiences as a remisier which made it easier for us to relate to this course. “



Justyn Ang Chiu Diann

“The course is very well conducted. Lecturer is a dynamic speaker, with vast amount of knowledge; he captured the class attention & delivered the lesson in an interesting manner through sharing of real-life experience.”



Lui Shujun – CBPWD




Lau Pei Ling Sheevonne – BTB

“Khin loke is very clear and precise in his teachings and is very knowledgeable in the industry”



Candy Quek Nelly

“Khin loke is great, really know very well about the industry, very helpful, suggest to use him for M5 tutorial, he can help many to pass that even by 1st attempt (I’m so sorry he wasn’t my tutor for M5 so I’d to retake, after ask him for help, I pass”