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We provide the industry’s best preparatory Mock Papers for the CMFAS, CACS and FMRP module examinations conducted by the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF) and Singapore College of Insurance (SCI).

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Our tutorial question set and mock exam paper are proven with 3,000+ testimonials. However, if you’re still unsure about getting them, we offer a sure-pass guarantee. Try them risk-free and if you ever fail your exam, we will extend your online access till you pass.

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Student Review

I underwent training with Khin Loke for exams 6A and 2A and took every single bit of his advice, and it has paid off handsomely! I passed both exams immediately after attending his courses. The materials are up-to-date, concise, relevant and helpful. ALL of my solo study was from his materials! The focus of his classes are tailor-suited to passing the exams. Even though I had to take the classes after work in the evenings (ending at 11pm plus on some evenings), the lessons were always interesting and engaging. Khin Loke is perceptive in pin-pointing the missing bits in your understanding. Often I would tell him what I thought the answers were, but they would be wrong, and he would know right away the bits of info I was lacking to complete my conceptual understanding. In addition to that, I have to say a big THANK YOU to Khin Loke for always responding so quickly to all my questions on Whataspp, some of which were during pretty late hours, or during dinner time, morning time… either way he responds with just the exact bit of info I need to understand the material fully. Interesting anecdotes about history of the market are added in the lessons to make them not just about the material; and it is often because of those anecdotes that I am able to more easily recall the information in the class because it crafts a story of how the facts came to be. Not to mention, a good dose of humour as well to make the info really stick!! I cannot imagine being able to come remotely close to having passed my exams/passing them well without his tutelage. (I scored in 80-100 band for 6A!) Highly recommend him as the results speak for themselves.

- Charlene Tan

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Student Review

Khin Loke’s lessons are focused and enable you to understand the logics and requirements of the IBF CACS paper 1 and 2 very quickly! After going through his lesson, me and friends are able to pass both papers with ease the 1st time! His tutorial questions and mock exam questions can be completed via mobile and whilst we are on the go – very convenient! Khin Loke also developed the lessons in a very fun and engaging manner so it makes taking the test fun! Highly recommended.

- Jenny Lim