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Pass Your CMFAS Module 6A Exam With Our Tutorial & Mock Exam Papers

Introducing our tutorial question set and mock exam paper

Our CMFAS Module 6A tutorial and mock exam papers are packed with 356 Qns (Updated Sep 2019) to help you pass the CMFAS Module 6A exam.

It doesn’t matter if you are running out of time to study. Everything that you will need to accelerate your exam revision is included in the tutorial and mock exam paper.

We can assure you that by repeated practising, it will put you in a significant advantage in understanding the topics and passing the CMFAS Module 6A examination with confidence. We strive to always keep our questions aligned to all changes in the syllabus and up to date.

Course content

Tutorial Question Set:

Practise all questions in a single quiz without time limit. Includes questions from all CMFAS Module 6A chapters.

Mock Exam Paper:

Time limits and the number of question are set to follow the actual examinations. Questions are randomly generated, every set of examination question will be different from one another.

WhatsApp Support:

You can WhatsApp our trainer, Khinloke, when you are facing problems with the questions.

Here's a summary of everything you get

✓ 30 Days of Unlimited Online Access
✓ Tutorial Question Set
✓ Mock Exam Paper
✓ 356 Qns (Updated Sep 2019)
✓ Direct Access to our trainer, Khinloke (via WhatsApp/SMS)

Absolute sure-pass guarantee

Our tutorial question set and mock exam paper are proven with 3,000+ testimonials. However, if you’re still unsure about getting them, we offer a sure-pass guarantee. Try them risk-free and if you ever fail your exam, we will extend your online access till you pass. Click here find out more about our sure-pass guarantee.

Here's what our students are saying

“Khin Loke is a very experienced, dedicated and patient coach. Without him, I’ll never even dream of passing my M6A on 1st attempt. His detailed yet concise coaching streamlined my average studying time by more than 60%. He never ran out of examples to explain, and to be honest I acquired more knowledge than what I signed up for.”

Karl Ngo
Western Union
Sep 2017

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Frequently asked questions

Can I attend a 1-to-1 class instead of a group training?

Yes. You can purchase all three tickets for the group training (if they are not taken yet) to have a private training session with our trainer.

Is there any guarantee that I will pass my exam after attending the online training and doing the tutorial question set and mock exam paper?

Yes. If you fail to pass your exam, we will extend your online access to the tutorial and mocke exam papers until you pass and provide you with a heavily subsidised 1-on-1 coaching session with Khinloke. Click here to view our Sure-Pass Guarantee.

How is this course different from others?

It is very different from everything out there. Besides the online training and resources, you will have direct access (via WhatsApp) to Khinloke. You will be able to ask him any question directly. We are very committed to helping you pass your exam.

How long do I have access to the tutorial and mock exam papers?

30 Days.

Are tutorial videos provided with the tutorial and mock exam papers?

No, the course includes MCQ quizzes only.

Are the MCQ questions reliable?

Yes, we do sit for the actual exam to update the questions.

How should I use this training session?

After joining the training session, do practise the tutorial and mock exam papers before attending the online training session. Prepare a list of questions and email it to us before the online training session.

CMFAS Module 6A
Tutorial & Mock
Exam Papers

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✓  30-Days Unlimited Access
✓  356 Qns (Updated Sep 2019)
✓  Direct Access to Trainer